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Our Mission

We believe that students should ‘want-to’ learn Math, instead of ‘have-to’ learn or learn due to fear of marks. Our mission is to provide an engaging platform for students to practice Math, where they can enjoy it, get real world exposure, improve grades and prepare them for the careers of tomorrow.

Our Story

The Problem: Students Don’t See The Value

87% of high school students find mathematics theoretical, confusing, and not relatable.

When it comes to mathematics, how often do school students complain as to “Why am i studying these theoretical equations? It’s harder to concentrate on something when you truly feel like you’ll never use that information again in your life.

50,000 students

Our Research: Finding the Missing Link:

Conducted seminars and webinars for 50,000 students

Through the feedback of the students, we were able to find the missing link which is the real world exposure from academics.


Our Solution: EdCalibre

Our data supports the fact that students respond better

Our data supports the fact that students respond better, and achieve higher grades when they understand how certain concepts have real-world applications. EdCalibre eliminates students’ fears and gives them a reason to concentrate. This in turn helps students put more effort into actually learning rather than simply memorizing.


The power of real world focused story based learning

At EdCalibre, we harness the ancient art of storytelling to transform modern education. Our unique method engages students’ minds, emotions, and senses by weaving math concepts into captivating narratives, making learning more memorable, meaningful, and enjoyable. Here’s why and how we utilize this approach.

About us - Power of stories
Cognitive Engagement
Stories Stimulate the Mind
Research has shown that when students learn through stories, they engage both the linguistic and sensory parts of their brains, which helps to deepen understanding and retention. By embedding math concepts in narratives, we ensure that these concepts are not only learned but experienced in a context that sticks.
Emotional Connection
Making Math Meaningful
Stories have the unique ability to connect on a personal level. By embedding math lessons in stories that reflect real-life situations, students find themselves naturally more interested and engaged. They are not just solving problems; they are resolving conflicts and overcoming challenges that mirror real-world tasks.
Enhanced Retention
Remember More, Understand Deeper
Stories are inherently memorable, and when these stories involve realistic scenarios, they become even more so. Students remember how they felt and what they did to solve real-world problems, which provides cues and frameworks that aid in recall and application.

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