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Connecting Real World Problems With Math Principles To Improve Grades
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About Us

The Problem: Students Don’t See The Value

87% of high school students find mathematics theoretical, confusing, and not relatable.

It’s harder to concentrate on something when you truly feel like you’ll never use that information again in your life. That is where EdCalibre shines. Our digital learning platform will show students how those same theoretical questions have very real-world applications.

Our Solution: Inquiry-Based Learning

Gamified adventures where students apply STEM concepts to solve real-world problems.

The human brain is wired to retain information it values as useful. Gamified learning adventures will help students to associate learning with fun. This in turn helps students put more effort into actually learning rather than simply memorizing.

EdCalibre Brings A Better Way To Learn

We’re incentivizing real learning habits and eliminating brute force memorization.

The days of cramming, and memorizing are over. EdCalibre brings a new way of learning that flushes out relevance, keeps students engaged, delivers a fresh take on STEMScopes, and supports logical reasoning over memorization.

A Data-Driven Solution

Making learning fun, and applicable to real-world situations helps students understand why those concepts are important.

The data supports the fact that students respond better, and achieve higher grades when they understand how certain concepts have real-world applications. EdCalibre eliminates students’ fears and gives them a reason to concentrate.


Powerful Features That Create A Passion For Learning

Students that use EdCalibre will begin to understand the importance of complex theoretical STEM subjects. Here’s how we reinforce that:

Reduced Math Anxiety
Complex theoretical concepts and questions are converted into gamified stories that deliver a fun educational experience. The overall goal is to make math relatable by expressing hard-to-learn subjects in real-world gamified scenarios.
Logical Mindset
By framing math concepts through a lens of real-world application and careers, the mind can place a logical context on even the toughest of problems. This helps reinforce the practicality of otherwise abstract ideas.
Improved Grades
Through guided quizzes and solutions, grades and performance scores will naturally rise thanks to the wonders of repetition. When learning is as fun as it is with EdCalibre, it doesn't even feel like repetition, more like gaming.
Strong Math Foundation
Visualize word problems and theoretical ideas in 3D simulations to get a picture of how geometry and other math principles play a role in our everyday lives. This 3D representation of STEM helps grasp a concept in its entirety.
Tracked Progress
Utilize our intuitive, easy-to-use dashboard for students and parents to track their progress and understand exactly how they are progressing. In our experience, this helps students feel confident in the progress they are making.


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